Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rolling Up: A New Line of Beads

Early next year the artists at ReInnovations are going to begin rolling out a variety of paper beads into the Ebay, Etsy and Storenvy shops.  Thus far, there are over 30 different kinds of paper bead designs planned for the New Year.  The beads will be available in small orders or in large wholesale lots.  All beads are made by upcyling magazines, junk mail, comic books and old torn up books.  We've been posting to our local Freecycle network to collect the material needed.

One of our favorite beads are these container beads.  They aren't quite finished because they need a stretch cord through the center so they can be opened and closed easily.  These beads are made up of two parts and can be opened, so that you can store something inside.

Container beads are great used as necklace pendants.

 Container beads take a lot of strips to make.  These beads used 36 strips of paper.  However, you can use more if you want a bigger container bead. 

These beads were rolled for a special request order.

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