Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finishing Touches : Getting Ready for the Holidays

We've been gearing up for the holiday seasons by adding more upcycled comic book cigar boxes to the ReInnovations shop.  Right now, these are our best sellers -- and they are so FUN to make.

Our store is now full of several Marvel and DC comic themed cigar boxes.  We even added a few special Neil Gaiman themed boxes. 

Here, you can see our artist, Chris adding a coat of glue to the box.  However, glue is not the only ingredient that goes into making these boxes look so awesome.  After two coats of glue, a special gloss finish is added to make the imagery on the box pop.
A layer of glue is added to this box

   Lately, we've been getting a lot of special orders for this item.  We are always up for putting together a box for your favorite superhero -- just send us a message.

You can find our comic book boxes at these locations online:


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