--Give Waste Function and Purpose--

 ReInnovations looks at trash as a natural resource. Our artists are presented with the challenge of making something useful and beautiful from waste instead of letting it be lost forever in landfills.

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 From Hitting the Pavement to Upcycling...

If you live in California, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado or Texas it's possible that our Founder, Robin Coe, knocked on your door and talked to you about an environmental issue effecting your community. Robin worked for nonprofit environmental groups between 1997 through 2012.

Often, while walking between doors during her work she would pick up interesting found objects and include them in her artwork. A found object might be a piece of industrial metal, an interesting scrap of paper or even an interesting natural object like a leaf.

Soon after retiring from nonprofit work to spend time with her first child, Robin founded the ReInnovations Upcycle Shop to continue working with found objects. Her found artwork transformed into upcycling. Items that would typically end up in landfills once they were used such as packaging, old magazines, ripped books and comics became the focus of her work.  She also loves visiting thrift shops, garage sales and the occasional dumpster to find a treasure to reinvent. Many of these treasures would be overlooked in their original form.

ReInnovations Upcycle Shop is both an effort of love and an effort to keep stuff out of landfills while working towards a greener economy.

A lot of the items in the shop incorporate paper products or packaging we upcycle. However, we love to experiment. So, you never know what you might find.

ReInnovations Upcycle Shop is now a family business. Chris, in tune with upcycling and creating a greener economy, loves to experiment with comic books.

Enjoy looking through our handmade items in the shop!

Thank you,
Robin, Chris & Sequoya
ReInnovations Upcycle Shop

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