Sunday, June 21, 2015

Upcycling Old Torn Comic Books Into Something New

Giving New Life to Old Comics

Comic-Con International in San Diego is just around the corner on July 9-12. We've been having a blast upcycling old ripped comics onto pre-owned shoes, purses, wallets, cigar boxes, paper beads -- and whatever else we can dream up.

We carefully assemble pieces of comic books together, and then seal them with mod podge and acrylic gloss sealer over the used items. We find items at thrift shops, garage sales and second-hand shops.

We inspect and select items we intend to upcycle carefully to make sure they are in tip-top condition. We tend to select vintage purses, clutches and wallets. We'll even do some repair work if it is a special or unique vintage piece. We also select items with a nice flat surface that will hold the comic pieces well. We like to select shoes that have some kind of unique quality that catches our eye.

The artists at the ReInnovation Upcycle Shop love to work with pre-owned items. Many of these items may go unnoticed for years on the shelf of thrift shops. However, we work to breathe new life into them so old unwanted items become wanted again.

Check out the ReInnovations shop on Etsy or Ebay to see all the new items in our comic upcycle collection. We just added new comic book purses, wallets, cigar box purses, cigar boxes, shoes and paper bead jewelry.

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