Monday, March 30, 2015

Paper Bead of the Month Subscription Box

Monthly or Yearly


Gift yourself or a loved one with a surprise package of paper beads each month!

Each month we'll send you or your loved one a box that includes a package of the paper bead of the month and 1 to 2 surprises. Surprises may include paper strips and instructions for making the featured bead, a handmade item made from the paper bead of the month, or a sample of new or special items to try from our shop. We create each box so that it has a minimum value of at least $30 each month. The amount of beads in each subscription box will vary dependent on the size and value of the bead. Our Paper Bead Box subscription is a great way to experience the world of paper beads.

Subscribers will also be the first to sample new bead designs not yet listed in our shop. Check out our paper bead shop to get an idea of the different kinds of paper beads we currently carry.

Subscription Box -- Paper Bead of the Month

The contents of each subscription box is designed to make your eyes dance with excitement. We use upcycled materials to layout the inside of each box. For instance, we may lay your brightly colored beads and surprise items on a nest of shredded vintage dictionary pages like little birds eggs. On the other hand, we may have your beads popping out of an extra large cocoon with paper butterflies (yes, it can be done). Each months subscription is designed in 4"x4"x2" box.

Choose between paying for your subscription monthly or receive a discount for purchasing a 1 year subscription. Subscriptions auto-renew monthly or yearly until cancelled.

Each Bead Box is mailed between the 1st & 15th of each month for the period of your subscription. If you purchase a subscription before the 20th of the month your first box will be shipped between the 1st and 15th of the following month. If you purchase your subscription after the 20th of the month there will be a 1 month delay.

Subscriptions purchased on January 20th or before will have the first box mailed between February 1st and 15th.

Subscriptions purchased on January 21st or after will have the first box mailed between March 1st and 15th.

Let us know if your subscription is a gift. We can add a special note card in the first delivery. Also, remember to change the shipping address in your order to the location where your gift subscription will be mailed.

Your subscription also helps our small family green business grow -- and for that we thank you!

Shipping is free for US orders. We ship internationally, as well. However, there are additional costs for shipping. Please contact us with the subscription level you are interested in purchasing and the location the subscription will be shipped. We will send you an estimate for the shipping cost.

You can unsubscribe from subscriptions before the auto-renewal date here at any time. Use the "Unsubscribe" button to cancel renewal. Subscriptions already purchased and paid for are nonrefundable.

ReInnovations makes paper beads from magazines, newspapers, comic books and other paper items that have been found or donated. All paper we use for beads was previously used and not bought new. Paper beads are an exciting way to recycle unwanted paper products. They were made by artists as early as the 1800s in Victorian England. We roll each bead by hand, secure it with two coats of non-toxic glue, and finish the beads with non-toxic varnish to add extra shine and strength. Some finished beads have a glass-like appearance. Contact us if you have a stack of magazines you'd like to donate.

ReInnovations looks at trash as a natural resource. Our artists are presented with the challenge of making something useful and beautiful from waste instead of letting it be lost forever in landfills.

We do bulk custom orders on all of our clothing, jewelry and accessory styles at a discounted price. Send us a message if you are interested in a bulk order of any of our items. We work with recycled materials, so while the style and materials will be the same – each piece will also be unique and one of a kind in its detail. Let us know the style you are interested in and the number you'd like to order, and we'll reply with a quote. 

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