Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Transformation of a Cigar Box into A Super Guitar

 Right before the holidays we were working on this Superman Cigar box for Vanstory Guitar in Mississippi.

We've always admired cigar box guitars and thought it was a great and fun way to upcycle an old cigar box. So, we are super excited to see the transformation Vanstory Guitar did to the Superman cigar box.

The guitar not only looks awesome, but sounds awesome.  Check out Vanstory Guitar on Facebook to see a video of how the guitar sounds. Keep an eye out for future Superhero guitars rolling out of Vanstory's workshop.


Also, we have a large selections of various DC Comics, Marvel and even some Vertigo and Dark Horse comics waiting for new life on a cigar box. If you have a favorite Superhero you want to see on a cigar box -- or cigar box guitar... contact  us or Vanstory Guitar.  We'd love to do it for you!

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