Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Shoe, Two Shoe -- Wonder Woman Shoe

One shoe down in our experiment trying out a new method for putting together comic book shoes.  There were difficulties with the first method we tried.  This method is proving much easier, and looks awesome.

The images in the photos are the first of two layers.  The second layer will include some cutouts of Wonder Woman and a few "CRASH", "SMAASH" and "SKREEE" blurbs.  We're thinking of using a matte finish rather than glossy to match the vintage matte brown of the original shoe underneath.

If you wear size 9 1/2 an want to preorder these shoes before we even post them for sale on -- send us a private message in our Etsy shop.

If your a crafter, and you want to know how to make some shoes yourself... you should LIKE us on Facebook.  We've been posting information all month on working with comic books.

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