Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why Buy Mailers When You Can Upcycle?

It seemed silly to buy new envelopes to ship upcycled goods out to customers.  Once our envelopes ran out, we set off to work on an upcycled solution.  At first, we tried shipping in leftover coffee bags from our morning coffee.  It was smelly though -- and we weren't sure if customers would appreciate the smell.  Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of coffee?  After some thought -- here's what we came up with...

Yes, that's right -- our food packaging from our own kitchen has become the solution to our shipping problem.  We turned the boxes from our Morning Star veggie chicken meal inside out to reveal the cardboard inside.  We weren't sure if the post office accepted shipping packaging with a lot of print on it.  Once they were turned inside out we taped them together.

These handmade envelopes have worked great for shipping small items.  The envelopes are strong -- and best of all -- upcycled!

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